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ESSP Goal is to provide and maintain a healthy and safe work place as well as to protect the environment at all times.


ESSP organize that the responsibility for the employees safety and health requires the constant and continuing effort of a partnership involving ESSP management, its employees, the client / owner, and ESSP subcontractors.


ESSP will comply strictly with all legally mandatory and internationally accepted work practices and procedures for the protection and promotion of the health, safety, and environment for all its employees and others, who may be affected by the group activities.


ESSP will strictly adhere to all relevant site safety and health standards and regulations, job work rules and procedures.


ESSP will emphasize the promotion, development, dissemination, implementation, effectiveness, and improvement of its Health, Safety and Environment Management System.


ESSP will perform rigorous and frequent audits to ensure that the HSE Policy and HSE Management System are effectively implemented throughout its organization.


ESSP shall place the Health and Safety of all the employees and Environmental Protection and pollution above any other consideration of job operation or administration.


All ESSP employees shall work conscientiously and diligently to execute the Group HSE Policy by maintaining the highest standards to prevent human suffering and losses, which result from unsafe malpractice.


ESSP emphasize the continuous implementation and upgrading of its HSE awareness program through the HSE Management System’s comprehensive educational and training program.


ESSP  ultimate goal is to prevent all occupational incidents, promote Health and Safety for the people and impose Environmental Protection at the place of work



Huawei - UAE
Best Resource Support Supplier
Huawei - UAE
Efficient performance team & Quality Performance
Outstanding Contribution Year 2003
Outstanding Performance Year 2007
Telenor Pakistan
Outstanding Performance Year 2008
Zain - Kuwait
IBS outstand Performance Year 2011
Outstanding Performance Year 2010-11
Huawei -Bahrain
Huawei -Bahrain Year 2010
Huawei -Oman
Outstanding Performance Year 2012 & 2013
Outstanding performance Year 1999
Global Partnership Year 2010
Successful Implementation of Project Year 2012
Successful Implementation of Project Year 2010
Successful Implementation Year 2009


Vision & Mission


"Lead globally in providing “State of the art” technology and turnkey services with highest customer satisfaction." 



"To deliver valued services timely to our esteemed customers & partners through a well-managed organization with Quality and Standard maintained."